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Eastern Woodland Design

High E - Curly / Tiger Maple, Cherry End Caps, and Cherokee Twist Ties
Previously sold High E - Curly / Tiger Maple, Cherry End Caps, and Cherokee Twist Ties

Available Base Key Signatures:
The most frequently requested flutes have F# (med-low), G (med), or A (med-high) base key signatures. These keys are also the most frequently used by the musicians on commercial recordings, allowing the player to play along. White Crow Flutes however, offers a generous range of keys and stylings.  All flutes are base retail priced by size category and include end cap treatment.  
Flutes indicated as Exceptional, by our standards will have a Premium price above the Standard.

*** All flutes indicated as stock are inventory only instruments and can not be special ordered. ***
I will try to use a variety of woods selected for their musical qualities for that key.
Special Orders will be limited to those categories indicated below or for the following reasons
and may require extended time to production and subject to back orders. 

Special Tunings - Tabulature - Diatonic/Major - Alternate Pentatonic Modes - Exotic Tunings - Left Handed Sideblowns

All flutes above middle F will be optimized tuning with accurate and continuous play into the second register unless indicated.
Current prices range from $150.00 to $800.00 each for the standard flute (without trim or premium woods), plus applicable state tax, and  shipping, handling, and insurance. Flutes are shipped via US Postal Service - Priority Mail (2-3 Days) insured, as such signature will be required or pick-up at post office.  Please call or email for prices on USPS Second Day Express Delivery

* * * Important White Crow Flutes has made great efforts to keep our prices at a great value for their cost. 
 to continue to do that we have discontinued the INAFA Kokopelli Bucks Discount program.
* * *

Prices subject to change without notice.  






Standard Flutes
Fifth Octave Bb, B $150.00 $15.00 S/O

Fifth Octave

G, Ab, A




Fifth Octave

Eb, E, F, F# 




Fifth Octave  C,  C#, D
$200.00 $15.00 Stock

Fourth Octave

A, Bb, B




Fourth Octave

Ab, G  




Fourth Octave

E, F, F#




Fourth Octave  D, Eb $300.00 $25.00 Stock

Fourth Octave 

C, C# 




Third Octave Bb, B $350.00 $25.00 Stock
Third Octave Ab, A $400.00 $30.00 Stock
Third Octave F#, G $475.00 $30.00 Stock
Third Octave E, F $550.00 $35.00 S/O
Third Octave
D, Eb $650.00 $40.00 S/O
Third Octave C, C# $700.00 $45.00 S/O
Second Octave Bb, B $750.00 $50.00 S/O

Second Octave





Bird Head Flutes
Bird Heads  Mid F - Med B $900.00  $25.00 S/O
Bird Heads High C or > $800.00 $20.00 S/O
Rim Blown Style Flutes - Anasazi / Hopi / Mojave
Third OctaveAll Types - A$225.00$15.00Stock
Third OctaveAll Types - B$200.00$15.00Stock
Fourth OctaveAll Types - C$175.00$15.00Stock
Fourth OctaveAll Types - D$150.00$15.00Stock

The grey background are considered "Middle or Medium" by other flute makers

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