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MFA Collection - Sioux Flute
Collection of Museum of Fine Arts - Boston - MFA1984.315 - Sioux Flute

In 2005 Steve Bliven and Barry Higgins began postulating about the accessibility of historical information regarding the Native American Flute. We found that when researching the NAF it was difficult to find information about collections of flutes, audio recordings, and images. In summary we quickly concluded that there was no single source of reference available for this information and that the information collected or published did not follow any standards and was often incomplete.  We felt it was in the best interest of the public and cultural preservation to begin cataloging the archive sources into a central repository. Surveys of institutions, groups, and individual has reveal a wealth of information which we would like to share. To date our published data is "public" information and somewhat limited but additions will be made as information is available and permissions to publish are obtained. Our long term goal is to have an searchable on-line database for the public to obtain information or links to valued resources on this culturally significant addition to the world of music.

Currently Available Information

Historical Flute Locations - PDF Format Document - Sorted by Location

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