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Eastern Woodlands Design


Cocabolla A Flute with African Blackwood Ends
Med A (6 hole)- Cocabolla and African Blackwood 

Basic Characteristics:

The flutes are available in both the five hole and six hole versions. The six hole flute makes up my base inventory while making the five hole flutes is on demand. The extended play one receives from the six hole version compensates for the slight increase in learning time.  This also allows improvements in production, decreased turn around time and on-hand inventories.

The tuning used for my flutes has a Traditional Eastern Woodlands origin. This tuning simplifies fingering combinations and allows for two Pentatonic modes of play (Mode-1 and Mode-4). The tuning is available in the standard 1 octave+ fingering  or Tabulature (tm) model  which requires cross fingering but eases learning to play by the Nakai Tabulature Method.  The standard voicing on the flutes is a balance of Eastern and Western Traditional sound. I strive to give the voice the higher vibration and volume of the Western flutes along with the clarity and tone of the Eastern. Voicing can be easily controlled and adapted to the buyers desires (see Flute Design/Special Order Sheet). Tuning allows for play into the second octave but has the industry standard flattened 3rd. For more precise tuning see the Optimized tuning on the Whats New page. 

I utilize a carved channel or flue design (non nested) which lessens the problems of moisture buildup under the breath controller. These flutes require very little breath pressure yet hold their clear voice whether playing loudly or soft. This makes a White Crow Flute very responsive and expressive.  Each flute is matched to a fetish/breath controller for optimal sound quality. The fetish design used may vary from flute to flute.  The three basic designs I currently use are described as the Bear Claw, Flying Horse, and Dragon Fly. All fetishes are carved of hardwoods that compliment the flute. The flutes are finished first with Danish Oil to heighten the grain and color, with a final light urethane applied for durability and protection. 

The standard flutes are decorated with a wood burning of a Cedar Twig, White Crow Logo, and finished with Deer Hide Ties, all of which have symbolic meanings. A twelve page playing guide is also included with instructions on; how to play, musical notation, fingering guide, playing techniques, and flute care instructions.  You will also receive a polar fleece bag as basic protection for your flute (a carrying tube is highly recommended).

Standard Flute, Playing Guide, and Smudge Mix
Standard Flute shown above - other options are available (see  Models).

Customer Satisfaction:
I endeavor to make ALL White Crow Flute buyers satisfied customers. As such, if a customer is dissatisfied with their purchase I will refund the complete cost of the flute. My only condition is that the returned flute, on inspection, is found to be in the original sale condition. Any Flute altered or damaged by the owner is non-refundable.

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