Contacting Us / Placing an Order

Eastern Woodlands Design


Curly Redwood A Flute with Woodland Trim
Med A Curly Redwood with Black Walnut Fetish and Woodland Trim

If you have specific questions, please contact us by phone.  We always have a minimum inventory of flutes for immediate purchase. 
Special Order / Non Inventory flutes are subject to first in-first out back order management times. 

Payments Methods:

We build your flute and when near complete we send you a message with the full invoice amount to be paid.
  We only accept Money Orders or Personal Checks at this time and all orders must be paid in full prior to shipping. 
International orders must be paid by money order on a USA based bank (to avoid currency exchange issues). 
Please do not ask me to falsify the content of the package to avoid VAT. 
If you know of a valid package marking that is appropriate to the content and avoids the tax please feel free to let me know.

Via Telephone or U.S. Mail

Barry D. Higgins
White Crow Flutes
111 Birch Street
Greenfield, MA 01301-1440
(413) 774-5223


Email us at 


The address above is NOT a hyperlink or text on purpose.
 This to prevent anymore spam artists from striping this address for junk mailings.
Sorry but you will have to type the address into your email.

Important!!!! regarding emails....
I wear a lot and lots of hats.  Because of this I get a tremendous amount of email. Often an email will just go off the radar screen and gets lost in the mailbag.
If I do not respond to your email it is not because I chose to ignore you but your message has gotten out of sight/out of mind. 
So please feel free to send me a reminder email if I did not answer your first inguire. Thank you for your patience.

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