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Cherry E

Previously sold Mid E Curly Cherry with Walnut and Paduck Rings

On this page you will find pictures and descriptions of flutes that are in inventory and are for sale and quick shipment.
 If you are interested in one of these flutes let us know. Although we do not recommend that you buy a 
flute by its sound over the phone we can play you one if you wish. We also stand for honesty with our
 products and will give you all the information you need to make a sound purchase. All flutes will be pictured
 in the standard configuration or with permanent attached options, such as end caps. We will do our best to display photos of the flutes,
 but flutemaking comes first.  So if you are very interested in a flute and would like to see a photo please let us
 know and we will email you a quick snapshot. The ties in the images are temporary for the picture only. 

** Last Updated - Feb 8, 2012 **

The flutes below are now Available!!
If you are interested in one of these flutes please call as I will not be making detailed website listings at this time due to a very busy schedule.
See the model/price page for the additional Shipping (USPS Priority)/Handling/Insurance charges.


Decoy Quality Bird Head Flutes

Mid F4 - Asian Mahogany - Canada Goose - Kingwood Fetish/Ends - Optimized Tuning - $800.00 

For more information on the process of creating these flutes click on the Bird Head button below - Pictures to follow soon!


Standard Native American Style Flutes


      Low Bb3 - Old Growth Red Pine -- Black Walnut Fetish/Ends - Standard Tuning $350.00

 Low Bb3 - Recovered "Water Tower" Redwood -- Ash Fetish/Ends - Standard Tuning $370.00

 Low B - Alaskan Yellow Cedar - Spanish Cedar Diamond Nest /Fetish/Ends - Standard Tuning $380.00

Mid C4 - Old Growth Pine - Black Walnut Fetish/Ends - Standard Tuning $325.00

Mid C#4 - Curly Spanish Cedar - Chestnut Nest/Fetish/Ends - Standard Tuning $335.00

Mid C#4 - Heavy Figured, Curly Mango (Light) - Chechen Fetish/Ends - Standard Tuning $350.00

Mid Eb4 - Basswood - Purpleheart Fetish/Ends - Optimized* Tuning $275.00

Mid E4 - Sepele - Hickory Fetish/Ends - Stubby Standard Tuning $275.00

Mid E4 - Honduras Mahogany - Hickory Fetish/Ends - Optimized Tuning $275.00

Mid F4 - Peru Black Walnut  - Mulberry Fetish/Ends - Standard Tuning  SOLD

Mid F#4 - Curly Black Ash - Cherry Fetish/Ends - $275.00

Mid A4 - Cherry Sap and Heart Woods - African Mahogany Fetish/Ends Optomized Tuning$275.00

Mid A4 - Cotton Wood - Fetish/Ends Cherry Sap and Heart Woods- Standard Tuning - $275.00

Mid B4 - Asian Mahogany - Beech Fetish/Ends $250.00


None at this time


Rim Blown Style Flutes

Although the rim/edge blown flutes (Anasazi/Hopi/Mojave) can be somewhat challenging to learn to play the reward for learning is very fulfilling.
These flutes have an evolved design (less traditional) to the blowing edge making them easier to play than other edge blown flutes flutes currently available.
The embrosure is however based on a historical Hopi flute in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts - Boston, MA. All rim/edge blown flutes have a two octave range plus.

For ease of playing the rim blown flute in middle C4 are the easiest to play becuase it sits very well in the notch of the jaw and the focus area is reasonable size with good transitions to the second octave. The middle D4 is slightly harder due to a smaller bore size it requires greater air focus in a smaller area and sits higher on the jaw notch but has excellent second octave transitions. The low B3 is slightly harder to play as it sits below the jaw notch with the second octave transitions requiring air focus direction change (like the technigue used in transverse flute - change in the angle of attack). The low B however has the richest fullest sound.

A comment of wood density - Soft woods have a decernable difference in resonance having richer harmonic content than hard woods. If you like a rich sound the softer woods will give you that sound. Redwood has been "the" most popular wood of choice for people purchasing them first hand. Hardwoods however excel when played with other instruments as their brighter tone (less harmonics) cut through the mix of the other sounds.  



Low A3 - Catalpa with Cherry Laminate Anasazi - $225.00

Low A3 - Yellow Poplar Heartwood Anasazi - $225.00

Low A3 - Hickory Anasazi - $225.00



Low B3 - Western Red Cedar Hopi - $200.00

Med D4 - Redwood Hopi - $150.00



Mojave Style Flute

Low B3 - Black Walnut Mojave - $200.00

Low B3 - Old Growth Pine Mojave - $200.00

Low B3 - Old Growth Spruce (Very Dense) Mojave - $200.00

Low B3 - Flamed African Mahogany Mojave  - $200.00

Med C4 - Yellow Poplar Heartwood Mojave - $175.00

Med C4 - Ash Mojave - $175.00

Med D4 - Catalpa Mojave - $150.00

Med D4 - Cottonwood Mojave - $150.00

Med D4 - Butternut Mojave - $150.00


In Progress Flutes
partially built and are in process, specific tuning
and key designation not determined.

Commissioned - Traditional Northwest Raven Head (not decoy head style) Flute
Commissioned - Working Model Museum Replica Juniper
    Commissioned - Traditional Style Fish Head Flute

D/Eb/E - Atlantic White Cedar
E/F - Splated (heavy) Birch
F/F# - Redwood
F#/G/Ab - Poplar Yellow
F#/G/Ab - Chestnut
F#/G/Ab - Butternut
F#/G/Ab - Agathis
A/Bb - Honduras Mahogany
A/Bb - Spanish Cedar
B/C/C#/D - Spalted (lite) Birch
B/C/C#/D - American Cherry
B/C/C#/D - Plum
Eb/E/F - Jatoba
Eb/E/F - Sepele
G/Ab/A - Lace Wood

Birds Eye Low Bb

Previously sold Low Bb Birds Eye Maple with Cherry Ends

Seconds, Research, and Demo Flutes
These flutes are considered by myself to be in some way of lesser quality than our production standards or abandoned design specifications. We have very high standards and strong business ethics so we tell it like it is and carry the same money back guaranty as our other flutes. However owners are quite happy with these flute and have even been used in recordings. Give us a call and we can tell you more about the particulars and play the flute for you.

Low A3 Side Blown (Right Hand) - Green Yellow Poplar - Black Walnut Fetish/Ends - Standard Tuning
(Finger Layout is not curved) - 

Low B Figure Spanish Cedar

Previously Sold Figured Spanish Cedar "Stubby" Low B Second   

* * * Important White Crow Flutes has made great efforts to keep our prices at a great value for their cost. 
to continue to do that we have discontinued the INAFA Kokopelli Bucks Discount program. * * *

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