Bird Head Carved Flutes

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F Sharp Sandhill Crane Bird Head Flute

Sandhill Crane - Collection of John M. - Maryland
Tiger Maple and Applewood F#

I have recently found a way to incorporate my love of the flutes with my love of wildlife and wildlife painting.
The merger of these gifts is brought together in the creation of the Bird Head Carved Flutes. They are very special in that they are made the "old way", as part of the flute body itself. These accurately carved and painted reproductions
of the birds of North America differ from others you may have seen. Unlike other flutes of this type these
  carvings are NOT "add ons" or "closed ends" to the flute nor do we use direction holes to terminate the bore length
and then glue on the head. Rather the bird's head and open mouth are an integral part of the flute body and the
 functional end of the flute bore. This method is much more demanding in the crafting however we feel it makes
a great difference in the flutes tone and timbre. To do this one must make 90% of the flute, shaping, drilling, and
tuning based on experience alone. Once complete, the bird head carving is begun first by slowly carving the
open beak back until the fundamental is near pitch. The beak shape is then refined and brought into pitch.
Only then can we begin to carve the remainder of the bird head. After carving the major features the feathers are burned into the wood. Next a coat of sealer is applied to the wood and the bird head is painted in it's natural and accurate colors with acrylic paint.  The final touch is sealing the entire flute including the head with a poly sealer.  

Eagle Head - Technical Sketch

Eagle Head - Carved

Eagle Head - Detail Burning

Eagle Head - Painted

  Top left to bottom right - Full scale drawing, Carved head, Burning feathers & details, Painting the design and
 Below the finished Bird Head.  

Eagle Head - Completed
Golden Eagle - Collection of Christine M. - Florida
Curly Koa  ab

Night Heron Image

Black Crowned Night Heron - Collection of Geoffrey E. - Massachusetts
Curly Redwood (Sapwood) F#

Pilated Woodpecker

Pilated Woodpecker - Collection of Robert D. - California
Mahogany and Holly F4

Red Crowned Crane

Red Crowned Crane - Collection Joel K. - Connecticut
Holly and Mahogany F4

little green heron full viewlittle green heron head

Little Green Heron - Collection of Hope F. NY/MA
Rainbow Poplar and Canary Wood - D5

Blue Heron Full ViewBlue Heron Closeup

Blue Heron - Collection of Elaine W.  CA
Poplar and African Mahogany - F#4

Loon Head Flute Full
Loon Head Flute Close-up

Common Loon - Collection of George P.   RI
Basswood and Curly Black Walnut - F#4

All Bird Head Flutes are priced
$900.00 for flutes Middle F to below High C
$800.00 for High C or greater
Each includes Traditional Shaped Mouthpiece, Dragon Fly Fetish, Special Fleece Lined Fabric Carry Bag and Leather Trim/Binding

I have committed to my customers that I will only do a single flute of each species of bird. I will not repeat the design by just using different a different wood. The birds all have open mouths and require the flute to be middle F or higher.  In the listing below there are many beautiful North American Birds to choose from and suggestions for sizing.  If the bird is struck through it has been used already. You will note that Raptors or birds with "hooked beaks" do not appear on the list. this is because the beak extends into the air flow and can effect the uniformity of tone - please email me on specifics if you desire a Bird of Prey for a Bird Head flute. 

Bird Suggestions for Flute Keys F and F#

Great Blue Heron    Great White Heron      Yellow Crowned Night Heron    Black Crowned Night Heron

Swan    Whistling Swan     Canada Goose    Snow goose    Brant    Sand Hill Crane    Pileated Woodpecker

    Red Crowned Crane    Tri-Colored Heron    Loons (Common, Arctic, Red Throat)    Wood Stork    Whooping Crane   Raven     

Bird Suggestions for G and Ab

   Anhinga    Barnacle Goose    Raven    Little Blue Heron    Western Grebe

Red Neck Grebe      Megansers (3 types)  Little Green Heron   

Bird Suggestions for A and Bb

Ducks,Ducks,Ducks!    Crow     Pied Billed Grebe    Eared Grebe    Purple Gallinule

Black Skimmer    Least Bittern    American Bittern    Rails    Small Ducks (like Teals)

Bird Suggestions for B and C

Road Runner    Ani    King Fisher     Flicker (2 types)   Shore Birds    Blue Jay

Bird Suggestions for flutes Higher than C

    Red Headed Woodpecker    Gray Jay    Scrub Jay    Magpie    Meadow Lark


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