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Honoring Flute - North - Lakota Style F in Cottonwood with Beadwork, Linen Wraps, Ebony Horse Fetish
Honoring Flute - North - Lakota Style F in Cottonwood with Beadwork, Linen Wraps, Ebony Horse Fetish,
Four Directions Holes, and Plains Style Mouthpiece

Several people have asked me to put a little bio on this site about who I am and how I came to flutes.  Well you have the demographic information above so you know my name and where I hang my hat.   I became one with the flute over 12 years ago now after hearing one played live at a Pow Wow. I bought one that day and that was all I needed to get me started. The playing quickly lead me to making and further study.  I had been a healthcare professional and executive for 26 years. First in cardiopulmonary diagnostics and therapeutics and later as a planner for computer systems in healthcare. I never dreamed that those gas laws and physics courses would be paying off in such a different form. I have also a love of painting wildlife since I was a child and have been blessed to paint with some of the best wildlife artist in the country. My dad was and still is an avid woodworker however he would rather be fishing now
Barry White Crow  Higgins
  I learned my flutemaking from the "Masters" in an indirect way.  I figured to make the best possible flute I could, that I should study the flutes of those who were recognized for their flute contributions. So I bought flutes from Coyote Oldman, Hawk Littlejohn, Ken Light, and later Scott Loomis. Coupled with these instruments, a strong desire, my science background, musical  background, and a handful of technical briefs by Lew Paxton Price, I set out to capture and reproduce the sound of the Native American Flute that I could hear in my mind.  I have retired from healthcare to make flutes on a full time basis, now over 12 years ago. I sold initially only regionally, waiting for my craft to mature.  People are now recognizing the name globally.  Today I make a flute based on the good things each teacher and each flute has taught me, refining others, aided by good research/development techniques, and by honoring my mixed Anglo/Native (Pennacook-Abenaki) heritage. The flute journey has taught me much and I hope you will allow it to teach you as well.
Thank you for considering White Crow Flutes. 

Barry D. Higgins - White Crow - Wobi Mkazas (Abenaki for White Crow)     

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